picking up where I left off

Lemme finish with question number five…

What I mean by it’s never been done before is that it’s never been done in Texarkana before. There are many facets of the bi-state city that influence identity construction of our students. So maybe this research isn’t important for the whole world or country or state or even our town, but it is important for educators to understand the cultural coding that students perform in there daily linguistic experiences.

Question Number Six: What assumptions about academic scholarship shape your work?

Well, I think I may have answered this in the last question. But to add to this (which you know I can do because I always have something else to say) I would posit that there is a great need for research in our town regarding the formation and participation of people in various communities of practice and how some of those CoPs can be marginalized because of the dialectal issues of the larger linguistic landscape. Note: I just read this sentence to Melissa, and we realized two things: one, no one (except our directors) will ever really know our diss topics as well as we know each others. And, two, if would have read this sentence at the beginning of last summer I wouldn’t have know what the hell it meant!! Wow…learning–it’s way cool. And, that folks is why I’m here…just for me to know that my mind is capable of learning something I didn’t know last year!!!



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2 responses to “picking up where I left off

  1. Hey, Gretchana!

    Hope life’s treating you well. I haven’t seen a post from you in a while, so I thought I’d check in. Also: do you have Jack’s blog URL?

  2. Hey Kirk,
    I’m doing great. I just found out yesterday that the paper I wrote in Resa’s class was accepted to the PCA conference this spring. My semester is going great. I’m teaching Comp and Forms of Lit. Things are great here…how about you?
    I think this is Jack’s URL http://thedoghousenotes.wordpress.com/
    Thanks for checking in with me. I really do need to do some more writing here :/


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